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Product Name:Turinadex
Substance :Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone
Delivery: 100 tabs 10mg/tab
Manufacturer:Sciroxx laboratories

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Active IngredientsChlorodehydromethyltestosterone
Route of AdministrationOral Administration

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Turinabol: Steroid Overview

Turinadex is Sciroxx's brand name for Turinabol. Turinabol, also known as Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone, is the first designer anabolic steroid developed specifically for sport and performance purposes. It was created by the pharmaceutical company Jenapharm from East Germany and was patented in 1961. Officially, it was used for treating anemia and osteoporosis, but it became widely known for its role in a secret doping program, State Plan Topic 14.25, where it was given to thousands of athletes in East Germany, including teenagers. This potent anabolic agent was successfully used by both men and women, contributing to numerous world records. It gained recent notoriety when MMA champion Jon Jones failed a drug test due to Turinabol.

Turinabol Efectos | Turinabol vs Dianabol vs Anavar

Turinabol is a derivative of dehydrotestosterone with a 4-chloro modification, making it structurally similar to Methandienone (Dianabol). Its biochemical structure, a 4-chloro-substituted derivative of the Dianabol molecule, gives it its generic name. Turinabol was the first steroid to show a distinctively high anabolic to androgenic ratio, rated 10 times more anabolic than androgenic in animal models, surpassed only by Winstrol and Anavar.

Traits and Benefits

Turinabol’s progenitor, Dianabol, is highly effective in amplifying nitrogen balance and promoting muscle protein synthesis, leading to significant weight and strength gains. However, Dianabol also increases extracellular water retention, which is not ideal for athletes where strength-to-weight ratio is crucial. Unlike Dianabol, Turinabol cannot convert to estrogen, resulting in consistent, water-free muscle gains, making it ideal for optimal athletic performance. It also has a favorable effect on metabolism, helping to shed body fat, making it beneficial for cutting phases and general aesthetics.

When compared to Anavar, Turinabol provides slightly higher weight and muscle gains and superior strength gains but is considered a bit harsher on the body, particularly regarding virilization effects and liver stress.


Jenapharm defined the effective male dosage as 5mg per 10 kg of body weight for track and field athletes. Based on extensive empirical data, this dosage remains the recommended target. Women should take a quarter to a third of the dosage due to potential virilization effects.


Turinabol has a relatively long half-life for an oral steroid, approximately 14-18 hours, which is more than three times that of Dianabol. It should be taken at least twice daily, preferably with one dose 1-2 hours pre-workout when the body is most receptive to the anabolic and anti-catabolic effects.

Stacks with Other Steroids and Results in Cycle for Bodybuilding

As an effective anabolic agent with high anabolic and reduced androgenic impact, Turinabol combines well with other steroids, particularly those with high androgenic components like testosterone and trenbolone. A basic effective cycle might include 100mg of testosterone along with 30-50mg of Turinabol per day, providing appreciable muscle gains with relatively water-free muscles. Advanced users might find a cycle including 500mg/week of testosterone cypionate, 400mg/week of trenbolone enanthate, and 50mg of Turinabol per day exceptionally efficacious for mass gains and substantial strength increases.

Side Effects and Duration of Cycle

Turinabol has a relatively low androgenic side effects profile but should still be used cautiously by women. It does not cause estrogenic side effects and lacks progestogenic effects. However, it can negatively impact the liver and cholesterol levels, increasing LDL and reducing HDL. Therefore, Turinabol should be run for 4-6 weeks, followed by an equal period of discontinuation. Using liver health products like LIV 52 post-Turinabol usage is recommended. Generally, Turinabol should not be combined with other oral steroids due to the potential stress on the liver.

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Turinadex | Buy Oral Turinabol Tablets

Turinadex | Buy Oral Turinabol Tablets

Product Name:Turinadex
Substance :Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone
Delivery: 100 tabs 10mg/tab
Manufacturer:Sciroxx laboratories

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