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New Pharmaceutical Grade Oxandrolone Tablets: Buy Anavar Online and Find Anavar for Sale in a Potent 25mg Tablet Form

Introduction to the Steroid: Anavar, also known by its generic name Oxandrolone, is a highly popular anabolic steroid with versatile applications both in the medical realm and among fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders, and professional athletes. Buy Anavar online to benefit from its high anabolic-to-low androgenic properties, promoting anabolism, muscle growth, and strength while simultaneously inflicting relatively low virilization side effects. Unlike testosterone, Anavar has no estrogenic characteristics, making it very safe for males and causing low (if any) water retention. This helps facilitate a favorable strength-to-weight ratio, which is highly appreciated by track and field athletes, strength and power athletes, and MMA fighters.

What is Anavar? Traits, Effects, and Benefits: Anavar is an oral anabolic steroid derived from dihydrotestosterone (DHT). A specific configuration in its molecule differentiates it from DHT. For the chemistry enthusiasts, the main alteration is the oxygen atom in the lactone bridge that replaces a carbon atom at position 2 of the steroid nucleus, classifying Oxandrolone as a 2-oxa-steroid just as its name OXAndrolone suggests. This alteration lowers the androgenic activity of Anavar compared to DHT, which has high androgenic impact but very low activity in muscle tissue due to its interaction with certain enzymes. Buy Anavar for sale to leverage its high activity in muscle tissue, rated about six times more anabolic than testosterone but three to five times less androgenic. Like other oral steroids with high anabolic profiles, such as Winstrol, Anavar shows relatively low affinity for the anabolic receptor, suggesting that some of its muscle activity occurs through non-canonical-receptor pathways. This trait also explains its synergistic effect when combined with steroids that have high affinity for the anabolic receptor, such as testosterone, nandrolone, or trenbolone.

As a derivative of DHT, Anavar cannot be converted into estrogenic metabolites and has no affinity for the estrogen or progesterone receptors. Thus, it has a very safe side effect profile in this regard, with no concerns about estrogenic side effects like gynecomastia or high water retention.

Anavar Cycle Plan: Planning an Anavar cycle depends on your goals and experience level. Here are some common guidelines:

  • Beginners: 6-8 weeks at 20-30 mg per day.
  • Intermediate: 8-10 weeks at 40-50 mg per day.
  • Advanced: 10-12 weeks at 50-80 mg per day.

For women, a lower dosage is recommended due to Anavar’s potent effects:

  • Women: 3-5 weeks at 5-15 mg per day. Start with 5mg, and pyramid up according to the results.

Anavar Dosage: The appropriate dosage of Anavar varies based on individual goals and experience:

  • Men: Typically, 20-100 mg per day, depending on the cycle phase, other steroids and PEDs, and goals.
  • Women: Usually, 5-15 mg per day to avoid virilization effects.

The high-dosed tablets cater to the needs of ambitious athletes, with an active half-life of about 9 hours. Therefore, two daily dosages, or preferably three, are recommended for optimal results.

Anavar Side Effects: While Anavar is considered a mild steroid, it can still cause side effects, especially at higher doses or with prolonged use. Common side effects include:

  • Liver toxicity: Anavar is metabolized and eliminated to a greater extent by the kidneys than by the liver, in contrast to other steroids mainly metabolized by the liver. Hence, liver toxicity is less of an issue with Anavar compared to steroids such as Dianabol or Anadrol. However, Anavar still shows some liver toxicity, especially with prolonged usage.
  • Hormonal imbalances: Like any anabolic/androgenic steroid, it suppresses the testicular axis and endogenous testosterone production. Hence, cycling the drug is recommended along with proper PCT.
  • Cholesterol issues: Related both to stress on the liver and its reduced but still present androgenic effects.
  • Virilization in women: Deepening of the voice and excessive body hair growth, mainly with extensive usage.

Anavar for Women: Anavar is one of the few steroids considered safe for women due to its low androgenic activity. Buy Anavar for sale to help women achieve a lean, toned physique without the severe side effects associated with other steroids. However, it’s crucial to adhere to the recommended dosage and cycle length to minimize the risk of virilization.

Anavar and Fat Loss Benefits: In a comprehensive study comparing the effects of Anavar to testosterone and nandrolone decanoate, Anavar was found to accelerate fat loss, both visceral and subcutaneous, to a much superior degree than the other steroids - Pubmed. This has important health applications for overweight individuals and is highly appreciated by competitive athletes and individuals seeking aesthetic improvements. Anavar combines exceptionally well with HGH for this purpose, as well as with Clenbuterol, and together they create a synergistic effect for enhanced fat loss.

Anavar vs. Winstrol: Anavar and Winstrol are both popular choices for cutting cycles, sharing some common characteristics such as being derivatives of DHT. They both have no estrogenic side effects and enhance lean, water-free muscle gains. Both have a high anabolic-to-androgenic ratio and are 17-alpha steroids, making them orally active. However, Winstrol is considered harsher on the liver and can have a notorious impact on joints in some individuals. Anavar is generally better tolerated and has a favorable effect on ligaments. Many athletes like to combine these two drugs, whether in tandem or simultaneously, especially during cutting phases.

Stacking Anavar with Other Steroids: Anavar can be effectively stacked with other steroids to enhance its effects. It has an augmented synergistic effect with highly androgenic components such as testosterone and trenbolone. It's well-suited for cycles with other injectable-steroids products. A classic cycle for recomposition purposes can include Testosterone Cypionate (400-500mg/week), Equipoise - boldenone undecylenate (300-400mg/week), and Anavar (30-50mg/day). Buy Anavar for sale to use it efficiently as a fat loss agent by itself or when combined with Clenbuterol for enhanced thermogenic effects.

Anavar as a Pre-workout: Anavar peaks in the serum within 1-4 hours. Therefore, it is recommended to take approximately half of the daily dosage about one to two hours before a workout to capitalize on the anabolic environment fostered by intense training.

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT): After completing an Anavar cycle, it’s important to undergo Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) to help restore natural testosterone production and maintain the gains achieved during the cycle. Common PCT options include Clomid and Nolvadex.

Usage Tips: For optimal serum concentration within the anabolic window, consider using Anavar pre-workout. This ensures that the active ingredient is at peak levels during vigorous exercise, maximizing its anabolic effects.

Buying Anavar Online: Anavar is possibly the most prevalent oral steroid in use in the USA, and as you might expect, it’s also arguably the most counterfeited. Hence, it's crucial to buy only from a proven reliable online source. At, we've served thousands of athletes and tens of thousands of health-conscious individuals since 2006.

Anavar for Sale with Superior Service: In addition to ensuring you get the genuine product, buying from a reputable source also means you’ll receive the necessary support and guidance for its use. We offer Anavar for sale with a commitment to quality and customer service. We’re here 24/7 for you for any advice or assistance you may need. Don’t hesitate to consult with us—just provide us with some basic anamnesis and, of course, your goals and experience (if any) with such products.

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Oxandrin | Pharma Anavar | 25mg Oxandrolone tabs | USA

Oxandrin | Pharma Anavar | 25mg Oxandrolone tabs | USA

25mg Oxandrolone in a tablet form

Each container holds 100 tabs

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