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TestoForm Blast contains 50mg/ml DHB (Dhydroboldenone) in its base most biologically active form. DHB posses some unique anabolic and metabolic traits. Its anabolic activity is rated as double of the anabolic activity of testosterone. Unlike testosterone it can't be converted by the enzyme aromatase to its estrogenic form, hence side effects such as water retention and elevated blood pressure are avoided, as well as other considerable side effects on estrogenic sensitive tissues such as the breast, hypophysis and fat.


DHB has some positive effects on the metabolism, which some may compare to trenbolone (which manifests itself in night sweats and generally increased body temperature), but unlike trenbolone DHB has no progesteronic effects.


DHB is its base form has a very fast absorption time, which enables to achieve very high peak serum levels for optimal anabolic activity. This same feature enables the DHB a fast clearance time from the serum which keeps side effects on minimum and a much lower detected time for doping tests.


The Testoform Blast's unique formula was carefully engineered to keep at minimum the notorious pip (local sensitivity/reaction at injection site) many have attributed to DHB, while optimizing the absorption rate.


The TestoForm Blast is especially suited for athletes who thrive to reach optimal performance while keeping a certain body weight, and of course make a great additive to any contest preparation for bodybuilding purposes, as well as lean muscle gains


Recommendations - The TestoForm Blast should be administrated 30-150 minutes pre-workout. This helps to achieve peak serum concentration at optimal timing to achieve the following effects -


1. Maximum AR (Androgen Receptor) activation - Both AR number and affinity peaks during and after mechanical stress such as vigorous exercise

2. Optimal anti-catabolic effect - Cortisol serum levels peak after stressful stimuli, while the Testoform negates some of the undesirable catabolic effects on muscle tissue

On non training days morning adminitration is recommended (when natural testosteroen levels peaks as well as cortisol). Administration twice per day is also a welcome practice for the advanced user

Product Name TestoForm
Substance Dihydroboldenone base
Manufacturer Eternuss Pharma
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