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Testodex - Testosterone Suspension

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Testosterone suspension contains testosterone in its pure form. This means that unlike other testosterone products, like testosterone propionate or enanthate, in which the testosterone is attached to an ester (an ester is a chemical compound that prolongs the life time of the testosterone in the body). The Testodex 100  is a water based formula, which is injected to the muscle, while in the ester products the formula is oily based.

It's interesting to note that Testosterone suspension was the first steroid product made by man, and was first synthesized more than 90 years ago.

Milligram for milligram Testodex100 is the most potent testosterone product, this coupled by the fact that it peaks very fast in the circulation makes it a very interesting steroid for certain purposes. The fact that the Testosterone suspension is fast acting goes hand in hand with a very short half-life, hence it requires frequent injections. This makes it less practical choice for normal cycles compared to other testosterone products such as testosterone enanthate or cypionate which requires weekly injections.

Testosterone suspension traits are appreciable when a sharp increase in androgen concentration is desired. Hence Testodex 100 shines when injected a couple of hours before a workout, a fight or other intensive event, so the athlete experiences an increased performance, stamina and recuperation during the vigorous activity.

In bodybuilding many competitors like to use the Testodex suspension in the last days before a competition. The long rigid diet that precede a competition usually takes 10-16 weeks, this diet ends by a depleting phase of about a week in which a very low calories diet with close to zero carbs is consumed. The diet changes sharply in the last few days before the stage. In this phase the athlete consumes a diet rich in carbs (AKA carb loading) in order to achieve maximum muscle glycogen levels (the muscle's energy stores) that facilitates full and vascular muscles appearance. The fast acting and potent Testodex suspension helps to maximize glycogen synthesis. However any testosterone causes excessive fluid retention which is undesired on the stage, when the athletes seeks the sharpest "driest" possible look. So the last injection is usually taken about 36-48 hours before the competition, and the very short half life of the Testodex 100 enables it to clear the circulation at the proper timing.

Unlike the ester's oily solution, the suspension testosterone is less "friendly" to use, and tends to clog in the syringe, here comes to play the advanced formula of Sciroxx which enables smooth and pain free injection.


Like any other testosterone product the Testodex combines very well with almost any other steroid, and a combination with fast acting nandrolone may be used for increased mass and strength, or even for more dramatic results with trenbolone. Oral steroids such as D-anabol or Anadrol are combined successfully with Testodex 100 for bulking, and Winstrol and Anavar may be used in "cutting" or more lean mass oriented cycles

Like other testosterone products women should avoid using Testodex 100

An athlete will find a dosage of 50-100 mg pre-workout as an effective way to increase performance Somewhat higher dosage may be required for an advanced bodybuilder per day before a competition. Despite the fact that Testodex 100 requires frequent injection More than few advanced bodybuilders like to rely on the Testodex100 on normal cycles, in such cycles a dosage of 50-150mg/day is usually the effective dosage.

When you buy with Sciroxx you don't just get real pharmacy quality, but you get out service, knowledge and support, so we're here 24/7 for any question on this item, how to incorporate it in a cycle, or for any other assistance you may need.

Product Name Testodex - Testosterone Suspension
Substance Testosterone Suspension
Manufacturer Sciroxx laboratories
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