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SynerGix 450 (Supreme Anabolic/Androgenic Matrix)

10ml multi usage vial contains:

200mg/ml Testosterone enanthate

125mg/ml Trenbolone enanthate

125mg/ml Drostenolone enanthate

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The SynerGix 450 is a unique formula which combines the most potent compounds from the main 3 groups of anabolic steroids -

- Testosterone enanthate - Testosterone is the primary anabolic/androgenic hormone in the male's body. The enathate ester provides stable and consistent release of active free testosterone into the circulation to ensure optimal muscle building and recuperation properties, along with stamina, vitality and libido support

- Trenbolone enanthate - Trenbolone is the most potent member of the 19-nor family, it posse a highly anti-catabolic effect (which manifests itself especially under under caloric restriction), coupled by most pronounced anabolic effect (rated as 3 times more anabolic per milligram then testosterone). It's also has a proven boost effect to the metabolism

- Drosterone enanthate - Drostenolone is a highly potent member of the dehydrotestosterone derivates family, with a great cutting, muscle-hardening and metabolic impacts, along with the special trait of potentiating the effect of any other steroid - the Drostenolone interact avidly with the binding proteins that neutralize steroids in the serum, this feature frees more of the other steroids into full effect in the circulation


The formula was carefully designed to provide long acting effect and stable serum levels of these 3 key components for optimal results


Recommendations - The Synergix is a long acting formula. The active materials are released from the depot along 10-12 days to achieve continuous anabolic/anti-catabolic and metabolic effects. Thus administration of once per week is appropriate. However the peak concentration are reached within 48-60 hours, thus for the most stable serum concentrations administration of twice per week (or even trice) may be necessary.

Product Name SynerGix 450 (Supreme Anabolic/Androgenic Matrix)
Manufacturer Eternuss Pharma
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