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10 amps of 1 ml / 250 mg/ml

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I love this product because it is easy to use and it's very effective. The delivery is quick and the potency is consistently high. I have a hard time sleeping at night and this product helps me sleep without any issues.  
Posted on 08 Oct 2022 by Santino

It is a high-quality product that I can trust. The product is made of pharmaceutical grade ingredients and is so gentle on my skin. It is made by a trusted company and is a great value. I also love that I can use it to treat my skin and strengthen my nails.  
Posted on 08 Oct 2022 by Reed

This is an amazing product! I am so pleased with the results that I have received. I started using this product a few months ago and I have noticed a significant difference in my skin. I have been using it consistently and I can see a difference even after a few weeks. I am so happy with the quality of this product and the results I have received.  
Posted on 08 Oct 2022 by Jaiden

Product Name Sustamed
Substance Testosterone Propionate - 30 mg
Manufacturer Balkan Pharmaceuticals
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