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Somedin LR3

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IGF-1-DES is a shorter very active version of the IGF-1 peptide. It posses much higher affinity to different target growth factors receptors. In addition, IGF1-DES is known to bind to receptors that have been deformed by lactic acid, which is often present during workouts. This allows this product to attach itself to a mutated receptor and signal tissue growth during training. Hence it's very effective to use it pre workout. Some supportive empirical data also indicate that the IGF-DES is very effective for site injection, meaning it'll stimulate local muscle tissue hyperplasia in the injected muscle tissue - IGF1-DES has a very short half life of about 20-30 minutes which combined with his very high activity are responsible to this desired and unique phenomenon
Western Bio-tech proved its ability to provide real pharma quality GH and IGF1-lr3, as numerous reports and lab test have shown- Our new IGF1-DES like the other products by Western-biotech is going through extensive quality control procedure which adheres to the strictest USP standards, including full biological assay tests on living muscle tissue to validates its clinical effect, unlike any other IGF1 product in the market !

Product Name Somedin LR3
Substance IGF-1-DES
Manufacturer Western-Biotech
Delivery 1 kit/ 5 vials/ 200 mcg/vial
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