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PrimoCrin Rapid 100mg/ml Methenolone acetate

10 ml multidosage vial


Each ml contains 100mg/ml

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The PrimoCrin blasts contains the active material methenolone acetate, this is the most effective as well as the fastest acting methenolone version.


Methenolone is a highly anabolic lower androgenic coumpound with lower toxicity, as well as low negative impact on the testicular axis, thus considered one of the safest steroid for use (both for males and females).


In this Rapid form it'll provide consistent lean muscle gains and strength gains and especially suited for preworkput usage, as well as contest preparions for body builders, as well as optimal performance enhancing for strength, track and filed and martial art athletes

Product Name PrimoCrin Rapid 100mg/ml Methenolone acetate
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