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Oxandrin Anavar 25mg Oxandrolone tabs

25mg Oxandrolone in a tablet form


Each container holds 100 tabs

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The new reputable pharmaceutical grade line of Eternuss orals offers the popular Oxandrlone in a 25mg tablet form

Available for 2 days domestic delivery,


This highly versatile oral steroid offers exceptionally high anabolic/androgenic ratio which makes it a favorite choice for woman athletes, and a highly versatile anabolic agent for any athlete who seeks lean mucle and strength gains with mininal fluids retention, as well as undesired androgenic side effects


The high dosed tablet are suited for the needs of the ambitious athlete.


The products active half-life time is about 9 hours so two daily dosages, or preferably 3 are required.

The required dosage for women is 5-20mg a day and for males 40-60mg, while advanced users may use even higher dosages


The Oxandrin offer some synergistic effect with highly androgen components such as testosterone and trenbolone, and is very efficient by itself as a fat loss agent (Oxandrolone was scientifically proven to lower considerably visceral fat compared to testosterone), or when combined with clenbuterol for enhanced thermogenic effect


Consider usage pre-workout for optimal serum concentration within the anabolic window which occur under vigorous exercise 

Product Name Oxandrin Anavar 25mg Oxandrolone tabs
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