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Oral Tren

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The methyl trenbolone is the most potent steroid ever developed.

Methy-trenbolone is a methyltaed derivative of the already very potent steroid Trenbolone. The addition of the methyl group enables the trenbolone to be orally active (by resisting first deactivation by the liver). How ever the MT1-Crin, which may be used orally, is an ultra potent and a versatile injection version that takes advantage of the unique configuration of its molecule which makes it the most anabolic steroid known to man kind (which goes hand in hand with the strongest androgenic impact know by any steroid).

An effective dosage usually range between 1000-3000 mcg per day. The daily dosage may be divided into to even dosages - one about 45 minutes pre-workout and one taken about 12 hours apart. Some advanced users prefer to take the whole daily dosage about a hour pre-workout, in an attempt to reach peak androgen levels when the body is most sensitive to it - during a vigor workout


Methyl trenbolone is stressful on the liver, thus it's recommended to keep cycles short at about 3-4 weeks


Methyl trenbolone should be avoid by females due to its highly androgenic nature

Product Name Oral Tren
Substance Methyltrienolone
Manufacturer Dragon Pharma
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