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The Novotrop is a pharma grade GH which is well know on anti aging clinics and pharamacies across the USA and the EU. The GH appears in its powder stable form, and dissolved is 2.4ml of bacteriostatic water.

Novotrop unique formulation enables shelf life of 3 years, with optimal assimilation for both sub-Q or interamuscular injections

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What is GH ?


GH (Growth Hormone) is known as the "fountain of youth" drug, it was proven to have various health, vitality, aesthetics, and anti aging properties. GH is also known as one of the most seek and used enhanced performance drug, experts claims that GH is responsible to many world records breaking in many athletic fields, and it's quite known that it's one of the main ingredients of any top bodybuilders and strength athletes cocktails. Many anecdotal reports define it as a game changer which took the bodybuilder physique to the freaking measurements yet almost non human ripped look we see on the top bodybuilding stages today.


GH is a peptide, which is assembled of a sequences of 191 amino acids, and carried into a unique 3-D structure. GH is responsible on the growth mechanism in any mammal, but HGH (Human Growth Hormone) has a unique structure, so any other mammal GH won't trigger the growth mechanism in humans, however HGH will trigger the growth mechanism in all other mammals.


How GH effects our body - 


- GH improves and optimises the metabolism, thus helps the body to use more carbs and fats efficiently, and spare protein. This is crucial for lowering body fat % while maintaining and increasing muscle mess


- GH directly triggers protein synthesis is various tissues including muscle which supports and enhance all the building processes in the body. This manifests itself in a positive nitrogen balance which indicates of shifting to anabolic state. In medical terms it's called hyperthrophia


- GH increases muscle nuclei number, this is a unique phenomena which is called hyperplasia. GH does so by triggering satellite cells (dormant cells) to become mature muscle cells. This directly enhances the genetic potential of the user.


- GH increases directly collagen synthesis, which enhances skin rejuvenation and improve connective tissue recuperation. This trait support the known cosmetic and aesthetic benefits of the GH


- GH increases fibroblasts activity and functioning, these are responsible for ligaments recuperation and healing and increases connective tissue performance which are so important to athletes, as well as to any active individual


Buying GH - 


In the past GH was manufactured from human corps (pharma companies extracted GH from the piturity of dead people) but this practise led to more then several fatal incidents as the pitureity of dead bodies may contain deadly retro-viruses.

The modern technique for GH manufacturing is a multi-billion dollars technology, it's is called recombinant engineering. In this process the GH molecule is implanted in the DNA of a bacteria, and in a delicate process the GH is harvested from the bacteria, cleaned and purified. As mentioned the GH molecule is a 3-D unique peptide so any flaw in the cleaning and extracting process may harm its structure and hence its functioning in the body. 

It's important to note that inferior technologies may enable to manufacture and extract GH in much lower costs, such products have fluid the market, mainly from Chinese black market sources. These products will carry more side effects, may cause the immune system to create anti-bodies as a reaction to the slightly altered GH as well as to some byproducts of the bacteria which were not cleaned properly and thus sabotage completely the GH positive effect in the body.


The Somastim is manufactured adhering to the strictest USP standards, and this has been proven in numerous independent lab tests. As you may imagine the advanced technology behind this recombinant product doesn't come cheap and GH is quite an expensive drug. Sciroxx own this advanced recombinant technology which enable us to market this product directly to the end user which brings the price to fraction of its cost in the pharmacy

Product Name Novotrop
Substance Somatropin lyophilized with 25mg of mannitol
Manufacturer Genoxon
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