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MethanoCrin (25mg DiAnabol)

Each packet contains 100 tabs of 25mg each

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The MethanoCrin, which is also know in its branded name - DiAnabol is one of the most popular and known steroids, and certainly the most widespread oral steroid among athletes.


This 25mg version by "Pharmaca" is the most cost effective USP grade tablet form of this product.


The MethanoCrin is a versatile steroid, with a high anabolic index and a moderate androgenic effect. When combined with products such as Testosterone or Deca it provides the extra edge for gaining mass and impressive strength gains, while if used along products such as primobolan or masteron it'll provide ripped physique yet with pronounced muscle gains


The MethnoCrin is converted to estrogen (female hormone) - so estrogen should be in check, and one should considr taking anti estrogen such as Nolvadex or preferably Arimidex


As a 17-alpha steroid it puts stress on the liver, so short cycles of 4-6 weeks are recommended with a proper liver support


Recommended dosages -


25-50mg for beginners


50-100mg for advanced users (the exact dosage depends on individual response and other steroids which are stacked with it)


Dosage should be divided to 2-3 daily dosages due to its relatively short half life


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Product Name MethanoCrin (25mg DiAnabol)
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