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Halodex is Sciroxx brand name for the extremely potent androgen steroid Fluoxymesterone. Along the years it was marketed under different names, the most known one is Halotestin.

Halodex was engineered originally as an oral androgen replacement therapy for hypogonadism and delayed puberty in boys. It was clinically proven to be almost as effective as testosterone (the primal androgen in the body) for this purpose. Later Halodex was clinically used for breast cancer treatment and anemia.

How ever if we look at its unique chemical traits compared to other androgens like testosterone we'll learn why it's one of the most seek after steroid by many athletes, and unfortunately one of the most expensive and most counterfeit steroids in the market

Fluoxymesterone is a derivative of methyl-testosterone. The methyl group is added to prevent deactivation by first pass in the liver, thus makes the steroid orally active. As its name suggests the FLUoxymesterone contain fluor (Fluorine) in its 9-C position, this alteration of the methytestosterone molecule enhances both its anabolic and androgenic properties through multiple paths including increasing of its affinity to the androgen receptor.

Unlike methy-testosterone Fluoxymesterone can't be converted to estrogen (female hormone) due to steric hindrance by its C-11-β hydroxyl group, thus unlike testosterone (and methyl-testosterone) Halodex don't cause estrogenic side effects, and the the muscle gains achieved with it are free of fluids retention. this results is a distinct denser and vascular muscles appearance which is greatly appreciated by bodybuilder, especially on the stage.

The highly anabolic nature of the Halotestin, coupled by its highly androgenic nature have a great impact on lean muscle and strength in any athlete. If you add it to the mentioned fact that the muscle gains are water free (unlike androgens such as testosterone which may be converted to estrogen) you'll realize that Halotestin is considered ideal for MMA, boxers, strength athletes that thrive to keep a certain weight class, and field athletes which their performance requires optimal muscle-mass to body-weight ratio.

Halotestin, as other oral steroids, and to some degree even more due to the addition of the Fluorine, is stressing the liver along it application, thus cycles with Halotetsin should be shorter then with other steroids, and it's usually used for the last weeks before a competition or a fight.


A typical dosage is 20-40mg per day, usually divided to 2 daily dosages, one of them pre-workout. Some athletes prefer to take the whole daily dosage a hour or so pre-workout and report on extremely improved performance and stamina.


Women should avoid using this highly androgenic steroid, but it's not rare that professional women athletes have used this drub with  great success, though noticeable androgenic side effects

Product Name Halodex
Substance Fluoxymesterone
Manufacturer Sciroxx
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