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Essentiale Forte N

30 capsules X 300 mg

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Essentiale is a preparation of essential phospholipids. Essentiale normalizes the metabolism of lipids and proteins, improves the detoxification function of the liver, restores the cellular structure of the liver and retards the producing of conjunctive tissue. Essentiale medications are indicated for the treatment of fatty degeneration of the liver, hepatitis (including toxic hepatitis, liver damage caused by medicines or alcohol abuse), cirrhosis of the liver, disturbances in liver function associated with different illnesses.

Phospholipids are essential structural components of all cellular membranes. Essential phospholipids (substance EPL) - are the complex substances of natural origin (ethers of cholinephosphoric acid (phosphatidylcholine) and unsaturated fatty acids (linoleic, linolenic, olein)). Essentiale medications possess the membranotropic properties, metabolic and hepatoprotective action; regulates lipid and carbohydrate metabolism. Essential phospholipids increase functional status of the liver.

While the disturbance of the liver metabolism essential phospholipids ensure the entering the high energy phospholipids, which are ideally combined with the endogenous phospholipids. Under the Essentialle phospholipids influence clinical and biochemical liver indexes are improved.

Combination of Essentiale with cordiamin (nikethamide) and vitamin E (50 mg/kg for 35 days) considerably activates the mono-oxigenase, glucoro- and glutathione transferase systems of the liver: and as a result the free-radical processes became less intense.

The spectrum of essential phospholipids' activity in chronic degenerative liver diseases can be described in the following properties:

* recovery and maintaining the consistency of the hepatocytes;
* activation of the phospholipid-depending ferments;
* improvement in the lipids metabolism caused by accelerated synthesis of lipoproteins in the liver;
* activation of synthesis RNA and as a result the normalization of the proteins metabolism;
* increased synthesis of glycogen in the liver;
* improvement in the detoxification function of the liver;
* the conversion of neutral fats and cholesterol into the easily metabolizing forms;
* decreased the fatty infiltration of the hepatocytes.

Product Name Essentiale Forte N
Substance Essential phospholipids
Manufacturer Sanofi-Aventis-France
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