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Equidex / EquiForm

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Equidex 200 is Sciroxx brand name for the anabolic steroids Boldenone Undecylenate. This product was marketed in the past under the name Equipose.

Boldenone is a derivate of testosterone - the primal anabolic/androgenic steroid in the body, therefore boldenone keeps the prominent anabolic effect of testosterone in muscle tissues.

Similar to testosterone, boldenone can also be converted to estrogenic compound (aromatisation), as well as being reduced to dehydro compound in the body by the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase. However unlike estrogen which testosterone is aromatised to, and dehydrotestosterone which testosterone is reduced to, the boldenone's metabolites are much less active in their target tissues, thus both estrogenic and androgenic sides effects are lower with Boldenone.

These biochemical and clinical traits make Boldenone an efficient muscle builder. When taken by itself a moderate yet consistent muscle mass gain is achieved  while its lower toxicity and reduced estrogenic and androgenic side effects enable prolonged safe usage.

The Boldenone is compared in many cases to two other anabolic steroids - the nandrolone (AKA Deca) and methenolone (Primobolan).

Boldenone, unlike the nandrolone, doesn't posses any progesteronic effect, hence it's safer for usage and inflicts less suppressing effect on the testicular axis, lower water retention, and doesn't have a negative impact on the libido like the Nandrolone. However in most cases the Nandrolone causes a bigger increase in mass and strength gains.

Boldenone is considered more effective mass and strength builder the Primobolan, how ever this goes hand in hand with higher water retention and somewhat higher net side effects, after all the Primobolan is considered the cleanest injectable steroid


Effective dosage for men is 300-800mg/week. The Equidex 200 has a long half life which enables to inject it even once every 10 days, how ever in most cases bi-weekly injection is the common protocol

Women should be caution while using the Equidex, mainly due to its still existing androgenic effect, however unlike more androgenic steroids like Testosterone, not to mention Anadrol or trenbolone it may still be used. Effective dosage would be 30-100mg/week for females

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Active-Life: 20 days
Drug Class: Anabolic /Androgenic steroid (for injection)
Average Reported Dosage: Men 300-800mg/week, Women 30-100mg/week

Product Name Equidex / EquiForm
Substance Boldenone Undecylenate
Manufacturer Sciroxx/Eternuss laboratories
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