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Carsil is a product of plant origin with hepatoprotective and antioxidative action. The active component of Carsil is Silymarin derived from Silibum Marianum (Milk Thistle, Bulgarian White Thorn). Silymarin, as the plant active ingredient
of Carsil, has a consolidating effect on the cell membrane, thus protecting the liver from harmful impacts and facilitating the recovery of the impaired liver cells. The above is manifested by an improved overall condition, reduced complaints in relation to digestion, and it leads to an improved appetite and weight gain, with subsequent improvement and normalization of the liver parameters in patients with lower blood absorption due to a liver disease.
In the human body, the liver fulfils vital functions, and plays an important role in metabolism, (carbohydrates, proteins and fats), digestion and disintoxication of decomposition products.
Each liver injury results in changes of cellular membranes, respectively in damage to its functions. Carsil a phyto-preparation with proven effectiveness in toxic, metabolic and dystrophic liver diseases.
Carsil is flavonoid mixture extracted from the fruits of the plant Milk Thistle - Silybum Marianum. The main active component of the preparation is SILYMARIN.


Exerts a specific protective and therapeutic effect on liver cells Stimulates the cellular metabolism and protects the liver
Has an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect .
These effects are clinically manifested in:
Normalization of liver enzyme values
Reduction of complaints relating to digestion
Improvement of general status

Carsil is applied in:

Acute and chronic hepatitis
Liver cirrhosis
Liver fatty degeneration
Injury of liver functions due to poisoning
As a prophylactic in increased application of substances that burden the functions of the liver: medicines, alcohol, toxic industrial substances.
Carsil is applied per os, and the therapeutic course continues for 3 or more months


As a prophylactic: 1-2 tablets daily. In light and moderately severe cases 1 tablets three times daily
In severe forms of illness 1-2 tablets three times daily

Product Name Carsil
Substance Silymarin
Manufacturer Sopharma
Delivery 80 tabs X 22.5 mg
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