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Somedin LR3

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Somedin is Western-Biotech brand name for Somatomedin - IGF1

It appears in 1000mcg kits which contain 5 multi dosage vials of 200mcg each

What is IGF1 ?


IGF1 stands for Insulin Like Growth factor type 1. It got its name as it's a peptide very similar in structure to Insulin, and is also resembles some of the insulin activity and effect. However IGF1 main function in the body is a mediator for the GH's growth and building processes, meaning that GH has the majority of its effect by triggering IGF1 secretion from various target tissues such as the liver, kidneys and of course muscle tissue, and the IGF1 is the one which directly enhances growth by multiple mechanism as shown below.


IGF1 effects - 


- IGF1 increases directly cellular DNA synthesis  and regulates the growth of almost any cell and tissue in the body


- IGF1 is a direct stimulator of cells prolifiration. Meaning it not only regulates the growth of cells but increases the number of cells in every tissue. In other words it multiple the genetic potential of any tissue.


- IGF1 is a highly potent inhibitor of programmed cells death, which again extend the limited genetic potential of any existing tissue


- IGF1 blocks the catabolic effects of various hormones - in medical experiments it was the only hormone to diminish the catabolic effect of dexametasone (a high potent catabolic hormone, which is 5 times more active then the natural catabolic hormone which out body secrete - the cortisol. Both GH (Growth hormone) and testosterone failed to do so.


- IGF1 optimises Carbs utilisation as well as practically any other nutrition substance, thus any metabolism process becomes more efficient. This manifests itself is lower fat accumulation and enhanced utilisation of proteins for building processes.


There is no wonder that IGF1 is used by athletes fro almost any field with a great success.


GH and IGF1 - 


Considering that IGF1 is the mediator of the GH growth effect we could have speculate that there is no use or justification for taking GH if one may take IGF1. This was proven not to be the case -


- First some of the GH's effects are systemic effects and are not mediated by IGF. IT was proven when GH keep enhancing some if its building processes even when the IGF1 synthesis is blocked


- Second GH triggers local secretion of various growth factors in muscle (and other tissue). This phenomena is called autocrine effect, and is responsible on many itra-tissue rejuvenation and building processes


- It was clinically proven that GH and IGF1 balances and optimises each other's metabolic effects - IGF1 just like insulin which gives it its name lowers glucose levels, while GH raises glucose levels. GH's trait to raise glucose levels is known to impair insulin sensitivity and the IGF1 counter effects it, so they have a distinct metabolic synergistic effect


- Various intensive clinical trials on patients which suffer from severe illness which leads to catabolic state have shown that combing GH with IGF1 has much better effect then either of them by itself, so again they have in vivo a synergistic both anabolic and anti catabolic effects.


So in this case 1+1=5 meaning combing them yielding  a unique and superior effect.


Buying IGF - 


The Somedin is an enhanced unique version of the IGF1 called IGF1-lr3. The IGF1 configuration was enhanced to prolong its effect in the body (in medical terms it means that it has a much lower affinity to the proteins in the serum which deactivates it, which enables much longer half-life).


It's quite rare to impossible to find IGF1 in the pharmacy, which leads to its popularity in the parallel market. As you would expect there are many inferior products with questionable quality which may be a risk for your body as this is an injected hormone. The Somedin is manufactured adhering to USP standards in a GMP facility and was developed, formulated and tested to be identical to the original patented IGF1-lr3 by Repligen Swiss


- Its purity exceeds the USP standard for recocmbinant products - 98%. It was tested for presence foreign proteins, allergens and toxins for tenth then the USP standard

- Tested through the most comprehensive biological activity tests on living cells to ensure optimal clinical effect in real world.

- Provided in multi dosage vials of 200mcg each which matches the shelf life of the product after reconstitution, unlike many products in the market which packed for saving purposes in 1000mcg vials.

This is the best brand for IGF1 I\'ve tried, it\'s very powerful and it\'s easy to use. I have tried a few other brands and none have been as effective as Somedin LR3. I love that there\'s no need to inject it, it\'s easy and doesn\'t hurt. The price is also really affordable and the delivery is quick. I would recommend this brand to anyone who needs IGF1.  
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Product Name Somedin LR3
Substance Insulin Like Growth Factor IGF-1
Manufacturer Western-Biotech
Delivery 1 kit/ 5 vials/ 200 mcg/vial
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