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AndroCrin-Forte - Anadrol / Testosterone for injection

10 ml multi usage vial

Contains 25mg/ml Oxymetholone combined with 25mg/ml Testoserone base

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This exclusive proprietary ananbolic-androgenic formula contains the extremely potent Anabolic steroid Oxymetholone (Anadrol) with the primly natural androgen Testosterone in an optimal ratio for optimal muscle tissue regeneration, growth, recuperation and performance.


The oxymetholone is one of the most potent anabolics, and got its nick name as "Abomb" for a reason, however the oxymetholone posses a very low affinity to the androgen receptor, this means that it triggers most of its effect by paths that are independent on the androgen receptor. Testosterone on the other hand posses a strong affinity to the androgen receptor, and as the primal natural androgen is potent active on all the androgen target tissues is the body.

Hence the combination of these 2 major steroids covers multiple ananbolic mechanisms for optimal synergistic effect.


The desired peak impact achieved when taken preworkout, but many professionals use it twice per day, both morning when the natural androgen levels are at their natural peak and preworkout.

Product Name AndroCrin-Forte - Anadrol / Testosterone for injection
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