MethanoCrin Injectable Dianabol (50mg methandrostenolone)

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10ml multi dosage vial

Each ml contains 50mg Methandrostenolone

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Buy Injectable Dianabol: Effects, Benefits, Dosage & Cycle Results

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Dianabol, also fondly called D-ball, is a potent anabolic agent available in both tablets/pills and injection form. Developed by Ciba and licensed for use in 1955, it remains one of the most prevalent anabolic steroids in sports and bodybuilding today. Dianabol was the first anabolic steroid synthesized from testosterone, the prime anabolic/androgenic steroid in the human body. Its molecule is altered in two locations, which:

  1. Enables it to pass multiple times through the liver without being degraded like testosterone does, consequently making it orally active.
  2. Enhances its anabolic function—meaning activity in muscle tissue—while simultaneously lowering its androgenic impacts, or in other words, its function in androgenic tissues such as the scalp and prostate.

Effects and Benefits of Injectable Dianabol

Indeed, Dianabol is an omnipotent anabolic agent and arguably provides the fastest results in terms of weight and strength gains among the anabolic steroid family (along with Anadrol, which we'll specify more on later). Therefore, in bodybuilding, it's often used at the beginning of a cycle to spark growth. Initially licensed in tablet form, Dianabol was later introduced in injection form by Richter Gideon in a 25mg/ml version. The injectable version offers two benefits:

  • Optimal Absorption: Despite the fact that Dianabol is readily and highly absorbable via the oral route, the injection route, which introduces the active steroid directly into the serum, offers superior absorption and even higher potency.
  • Reduced Liver Impact: The injection route offers the first bypass of the liver, while directly absorbed into the bloodstream. This somewhat lowers the potential negative impact on the liver. This scientific study on a similar anabolic steroid, Winstrol, shows the superiority of the injection route versus tablets: The effect of stanozolol on 15nitrogen retention in the dog - PubMed (

Dosage and Cycle Advice

Dianabol has a relatively short half-life of about 4 hours. This rate refers to the half-life of methandienone in the bloodstream. The exact half-life of injectable Dianabol is determined by the exact location of the injection and the rate the body clears the site from the drug into the circulation, usually stretching between 16-24 hours. Thus, injectable Dianabol should be taken at least every other day, and preferably every day. Injectable Dianabol is frequently used very effectively when injected a couple of hours, or even less pre-workout. One may be amazed by the vigorous "pumps" and increased performance felt during a challenging workout with this compound.

Comparison with Other Steroids: Anadrol & Winstrol

Dianabol vs. Anadrol

Dianabol is effective at much lower dosages and will yield proven results at 25-50mg dosages, while Anadrol usually requires 100-150mg for optimal usage. Indeed, Dianabol shows higher affinity to the androgen receptor. Dianabol generally enhances well-being and vitality, making it a friendly companion for ultimate training. Anadrol is a harsher drug, and many users may feel lethargy while using it. In terms of sheer size, Anadrol will beat Dianabol, however, the potential side effects are higher.

Dianabol vs. Winstrol

Dianabol, unlike Winstrol, is a derivative of testosterone, while Winstrol is a derivative of dehydrotestosterone. Thus, Dianabol is converted to estrogen (female hormone), while Winstrol is not. As a result, muscle gains with Dianabol usually contain higher water retention, which may be welcomed in the off-season. The gains with Winstrol are virtually water-free, making it preferred during diet phases for bodybuilders, as well as for track and field sports and fighting sports when certain weight classes need to be maintained. In terms of size and muscle mass, Dianabol is superior.

Side Effects and Precautions

Overall, Dianabol shows a spectrum of potential side effects both in terms of negative impact on the liver and estrogenic side effects. All of these are reduced to some degree with injectable Dianabol that requires lower dosages for the same, if not superior, effects. Estrogenic side effects may be minimized with the use of aromatase inhibitors (AIs) such as Aromasin or Arimidex. Dianabol has strong suppressive effects on endogenous testosterone production, hence it is advised to apply a proper PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) protocol.

Advanced Cycle Plan

A typical cycle with injectable Dianabol will rely on its synergistic effect with steroids like testosterone and nandrolone (19-nor testosterone steroid, with different traits than both test and D-ball). An advanced efficacious cycle will include:

This cycle plan aims to maximize the benefits while minimizing potential side effects, leading to impressive gains in muscle mass and strength.


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MethanoCrin Injectable Dianabol (50mg methandrostenolone)

MethanoCrin Injectable Dianabol (50mg methandrostenolone)

10ml multi dosage vial

Each ml contains 50mg Methandrostenolone

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