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Product Name:Pentadex
Substance:Testosterone propionate: 50 mg
                Testosterone phenylpropionate: 50 mg
                Testosterone enanthate: 60mg
                Testosterone cypionate: 60 mg
                Testosterone decanoate: 80 mg
Content: 10ml vial /300mg /ml
Manufacturer: Sciroxx/Eternuss laboratories

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Active IngredientsTestosterone Blend
Route of AdministrationIntramuscular Injection

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Pentadex - Sustanon 300 Overview

Pentadex is a novel testosterone preparation for injection. As any injectable testosterone product, it relies on a testosterone molecule attached to an ester. The length of the ester determines the rate at which the testosterone is absorbed in the body. Unlike testosterone cypionate or testosterone enanthate, which contain only one type of ester (Enathate or cypionate), Pentadex features a proprietary blend of five different testosterone esters:

  • Testosterone Propionate (50 mg)
  • Testosterone Phenylpropionate (50 mg)
  • Testosterone Enanthate (60 mg)
  • Testosterone Cypionate (60 mg)
  • Testosterone Decanoate (80 mg)

Pentadex is an upgrade to the familiar Sustanon product introduced by Organon. It is more potent, containing 300 mg/ml compared to Sustanon's 250 mg/ml. The unique formula of Pentadex was developed to achieve superior pharmacokinetics—offering a faster peak in testosterone levels while maintaining effective testosterone concentrations in the serum for a longer period. This is achieved through the different absorption rates of the five combined esters.

Understanding Testosterone and Its Importance

What is Testosterone? Testosterone is the body's primary androgenic hormone, produced naturally by the testicles. It is released into the bloodstream, where it travels and interacts with target tissues throughout the body, triggering its effects via specific receptors known as androgen receptors.

Functions of Testosterone

Testosterone has both androgenic and anabolic effects:

  • Androgenic Effects: Responsible for the development of male sexual organs and secondary sexual characteristics, including male hair distribution, laryngeal development, and various brain functions related to behavior, mood, and vitality. Testosterone contributes to characteristics such as assertiveness and competitiveness, which are beneficial in sports and daily functioning.
  • Anabolic Effects: Supports muscle hypertrophy by triggering the synthesis of new proteins in muscle cells and reducing catabolic processes. It also increases the number of muscle cells and enhances mineral retention, aiding various metabolic and anabolic processes. Additionally, testosterone promotes bone formation and increases the production of erythropoietin and erythrocytes, which enhance stamina and recovery.

Testosterone Enanthate, Cypionate, and the Pentadex

  • Testosterone Enanthate: Has a half-life of about 5 days, with effects lasting 8-9 days.
  • Testosterone Cypionate: Slightly slower, with a half-life of about 6 days and effects lasting up to 10 days.
  • Pentadex: A blend of different esters, reaches peak concentrations faster, thanks to the propionate and phenylpropionate esters but stays active for up to 2 weeks based on the long-acting traits of the decanoate ester.

Thus, Pentadex offers a blend of five esters, providing a faster peak in testosterone levels and prolonged effectiveness in the bloodstream compared to single-ester products like enanthate and cypionate. Its unique formulation ensures better absorption and utilization, making it a potent option for those seeking enhanced testosterone therapy.

Pentadex in Different Cycles for TRT, Bodybuilding, and Strength Athletes

1. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) / Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

Purpose: Restore and maintain normal testosterone levels in individuals with hypogonadism.

  • Dosage: 100-200 mg/week
  • Administration: Weekly injections
  • Cycle Duration: Continuous, with regular monitoring of testosterone levels

Pentadex's blend of esters provides stable testosterone levels, making it suitable for long-term therapy. Weekly injections are recommended to maintain consistent hormone levels and reduce fluctuations.

2. Beginner Cycle

Purpose: Introduce anabolic steroids to novice users, aiming for moderate muscle gains and improved strength.

  • Pentadex Dosage: 300 mg/week
  • Dianabol Dosage: 30-40 mg/day (oral)
  • Administration: Pentadex - Weekly injections; Dianabol - Daily
  • Cycle Duration: 8-12 weeks

Combining Pentadex with Dianabol offers a balanced approach, leveraging Pentadex's androgenic properties and Dianabol's anabolic effects. This cycle promotes decent muscle mass and strength.

3. Intermediate Cycle

Purpose: Achieve significant muscle mass and strength gains with moderate risk of side effects.

  • Pentadex Dosage: 500 mg/week
  • Nandrolone Decanoate (Deca Durabolin): 200-300 mg/week
  • Turinabol Dosage: 40-50 mg/day (oral)
  • Administration: Pentadex and Nandrolone - Weekly injections; Turinabol - Daily
  • Cycle Duration: 12-16 weeks

Pentadex and Nandrolone work synergistically to enhance muscle growth, while Turinabol adds a solid anabolic component. This combination supports significant gains in lean body mass and strength.

4. Advanced Cycle

Purpose: Maximize muscle mass and strength gains for experienced users.

  • Pentadex Dosage: 750-1000 mg/week
  • Nandrolone Decanoate (Deca Durabolin): 400-600 mg/week
  • Anadrol Dosage: 50-100 mg/day (oral)
  • Administration: Pentadex and Nandrolone - Weekly injections; Anadrol - Daily
  • Cycle Duration: 16-20 weeks

For seasoned users, higher dosages of Pentadex combined with Nandrolone and Anadrol provide substantial muscle growth and strength improvements. This advanced cycle requires careful monitoring of side effects and regular health check-ups.

5. Cutting Cycle

Purpose: Preserve lean muscle mass while reducing body fat.

  • Pentadex Dosage: 300-500 mg/week
  • Anavar (Oxandrolone) Dosage: 40-50 mg/day (oral)
  • Winstrol (Stanozolol) Dosage: 30-50 mg/day (oral or injectable)
  • Administration: Pentadex - Weekly injections; Anavar and Winstrol - Daily
  • Cycle Duration: 8-12 weeks

Pentadex's androgenic effects help maintain muscle mass during caloric deficits, while Anavar and Winstrol promote a lean, ripped appearance. This cycle is ideal for athletes seeking to stay within a certain weight class.

6. Strength and Peak Power Performance

Combining Pentadex with Turinabol capitalizes on Pentadex's robust androgenic properties and Turinabol's potent anabolic nature, resulting in a synergistic effect that enhances muscle mass and strength gains while promoting a relatively lean and ripped physique. The optimal dosage varies depending on individual experience levels and goals. Typically, athletes in field and track sports may find a dosage of 200-400 mg of Pentadex per week alongside 30-40 mg of Turinabol sufficient to achieve notable performance enhancements while maintaining a favorable strength-to-weight ratio, suitable for sports like MMA. However, weightlifters and powerlifters competing in higher weight classes may need to adjust the dosage of both compounds upward to meet their specific needs.

Buy Sustanon

If you're looking for a potent testosterone blend to enhance your performance, muscle mass, and overall well-being, Sustanon 300 mg Injection is an excellent choice. Its unique combination of five different testosterone esters ensures both immediate and sustained release, making it versatile for various cycles and goals. Whether you're a bodybuilder aiming for significant muscle gains, an athlete seeking enhanced performance, or someone in need of reliable testosterone replacement therapy, Sustanon offers a robust solution.


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Pentadex 300 | Sustanon 300mg/ml for injection | US domestic

Pentadex 300 | Sustanon 300mg/ml for injection | US domestic

Product Name:Pentadex
Substance:Testosterone propionate: 50 mg
                Testosterone phenylpropionate: 50 mg
                Testosterone enanthate: 60mg
                Testosterone cypionate: 60 mg
                Testosterone decanoate: 80 mg
Content: 10ml vial /300mg /ml
Manufacturer: Sciroxx/Eternuss laboratories

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