NandroForm 200 Deca durabolin (nandrolone phenylpropionate)

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10ml multi-dosage Vial

contains 200mg/ml Nandrolone Phenylpropionate

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Introduction -

Nandroform 200 is a highly potent version of the highly anabolic low androgenic product also known as Durabolin.

the active hormone in the Nandrofom 200 is Nandrolone phenylpropionate. This is the fast acting version of the the steroid Nandrolone.

Traits, benefits and pharmaceutical review -

Nandrolone as an anabolic substance was developed following the classic orientation of maximizing the dissociation between the anabolic (tissue building) effects and the androgenic (masculinization) effects of the steroid.

The reduced androgenic impact was created by configuring the Nandrolone molecule so it can't be reduced by the enzyme 5-alpha reductase to it's dehydro form. The dehydro form of male steroid is much more active on tissue which are not muscle such as the prostate, skin and scalp groin etc (for instance testosterone is reduced by this hormone to dehydrotestosterone which is responsible on the majority of the androgenic effect of testosterone in vivo).

The increased anabolic impact of Nandrolone is achieved by increasing the affinity of the molecule to the androgenic receptor (IR) - the androgenic receptor is the responsible on hosting the steroid into the cell where it triggers protein synthesis. Nandrolone was measured to have 3 times higher affinity to the androgenic receptor then testosterone.

Thus the Nandroform 200 is extremely beneficial is increasing muscle mass. Proper nutrition support is necessary to maximizing the Nandrolone's anabolic effect as the creation of new tissue requires the proper energy and building blocks in surplus.

Another important trait of the Nandroform 200 is its proven ability to support ligaments and joints health and accelerate relevant injuries healing and rehabilitation. This was repeatedly demonstrated on various clinical trials on shoulder fractions and dislocations, rotetor cuff tears, and vertebral column injuries as well as post operation healing recuperation time and functioning scores along time.

Nandrolone has a progesteronic effect (progesteron is a female hormone with some functioning in the male's body, and it has a suppressing effect on the testicular axis). Therefor it's highly advised to use anti progersteron/prolactin agen such as dostinex both along the usage in Nanndroform and after it.

A warning for tested athletes -

For athletes who are under doping control note the the Nandrolone may leave traces for a long period time, up to 2 years.

Overview for sport and bodybuilding purposes, combination with other steroids in an anabolic cycle

As the faster acting version of Nandrolone the NandroFrom200 is a very effective mess and strength agent. By it's low androgenic nature it combines very well with Testosterone products as well as other androgenic products such as Oxydex (Anadrol). Considering it's fast acting effect it combines well with other faster acting products such as testosterone propionate shorter cycles as well as for "blitz" recuperation, rehabilitation or as a first phase of longer cycles. The Nandroform200 is also very effective when combined with oral steroids from the 17-alpha family - for maximum mass and strength gains it's especially suited with Dianabol and Oxydex (Anadrol) and for leaner gains  and more strength focused with Oxanodex (Anavar) and Turinadex (Turinabol)

Dosage -

Effective dosage is 200-600mg for men and though it's generally not recommended for women it has been used successfully for short periods with relatively low side effects at 50mg a week by women athletes

Some proven Cycle examples along with guiding lines:

Beginner Cycle for Mass and Strength

Purpose: Introduce anabolic steroids to novice users, aiming for significant muscle gains and improved strength.



  • NandroForm200 and Testosterone Propionate: Every other day injections

Cycle Duration: 8-10 weeks

Intermediate Cycle for Lean Muscle Gains

Purpose: Achieve lean muscle mass and strength with moderate risk of side effects.



  • NandroForm200: Every other day injections
  • Testosterone Enanthate: 2-3 weekly injection
  • Turinabol: Daily (oral)

Cycle Duration: 10-12 weeks

Advanced Cycle for Maximum Mass and Strength

Purpose: Maximize muscle mass and strength gains for experienced users.


  • NandroForm200 Dosage: 400-600 mg/week
  • Sustanon: 750 mg/week
  • Oxydex (Anadrol) Dosage: 50-100 mg/day (oral)


  • NandroForm200: Every other day injections
  • Sustanon: 2 weekly injection
  • Anadrol: Daily (oral)

Cycle Duration: 8-10 weeks

Cutting Cycle for Lean Muscle Preservation

Purpose: Preserve lean muscle mass while reducing body fat.


  • NandroForm200 Dosage: 300-400 mg/week
  • Testosterone Propionate Dosage: 150-200 mg/week
  • Oxanodex (Anavar) Dosage: 30-50 mg/day (oral)


  • NandroForm200 and Testosterone Propionate: Every other day injections
  • Oxanodex: Daily (oral)

Cycle Duration: 8-10 weeks

Blitz/Recuperation Cycle

Purpose: Quick recovery, rehabilitation, or as a first phase of longer cycles.



  • NandroForm200 and Testosterone Propionate: Every other day injections
  • Dianabol: Daily (oral)

Cycle Duration: 6-8 weeks

Women's Cycle for Strength (Short Term Use)

Purpose: Short-term use for female athletes focusing on strength gains.


  • Nandrodex Dosage: 50 mg/week


  • Nandrodex: Weekly injection

Cycle Duration: 4-6 weeks

Note: Female athletes should use NandroForm200 cautiously due to the potential for virilization and other side effects.

General Recommendations

  • Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT): Essential to help restore natural hormone production and maintain gains. Common PCT compounds include Clomid and Nolvadex.
  • Monitoring: Regular health check-ups and blood work are essential to monitor hormone levels and prevent side effects.
  • Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs): May be necessary to control estrogen levels, especially when using testosterone and other aromatizable compounds. Arimidex 1mg twice per week is a common effective dosage
  • Dostinex - In order to counter the progesteronic effects of Nandrolone, consider 0.5 mg every 5 days


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NandroForm 200 Deca durabolin (nandrolone phenylpropionate)

NandroForm 200 Deca durabolin (nandrolone phenylpropionate)

10ml multi-dosage Vial

contains 200mg/ml Nandrolone Phenylpropionate

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