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Product Name: Testodex Enanthate
Substance: Testosterone Enanthate
Content: 10ml vial /250mg /1ml
Manufacturer: Sciroxx/Eternuss laboratories

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Active IngredientsTestosterone Enanthate
Route of AdministrationIntramuscular Injection

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10 ml solution contains in a multi-dosage vial:
Active drug: testosterone enanthate at 250m/ml concentration ;
Excipients: benzyl alcohol, Benzyl Benzoate, pharmaceutical grade MCT derivate oil.



 Testodex-enanthate-250 is Sciroxx brand's name for Testosterone enanthate. It's the most prescribed androgen replacement medicine world wide. The hormone (like other long acting test esters) serves as the first pillar in many steroid cycles, especially when the main goal is enhancing mess and strength, therefor it's not a surprise that it's probably the most widespread steroid especially among bodybuilders and strength athletes.


Testodex-enanthate-250 administratration  


This drug is taken by a deep intramuscular injection. It's usually well tolerated, though some local reaction/sensitivity is common, especially if used frequently and at high dosages



HRT (Hormone replacement therapy, also referred as TRT = Testosterone replacement therapy)


Testosterone is traditionally administrated due to different causes and diseases which lower, hinder or inhibit natural testosterone production, this general condition is called hypogonadism. Normal levels, or more carefully should be said optimal levels,  are crucial as seen above to different functions of the human's body. A variety of triggers and diseases may cause hypogonadism, among them eunuchoidism - an endocrine pathology in which the reproductive organs in males are not fully developed, other triggers may be illness or tumor which may all reflect themselves  in lower testosterone production. However the most common cause for lower production of the hormone is aging - testosterone levels decline with age, this process starts in the late 20s and early 30s in every male. It's important to monitor and keep in check the testosterone levels, and if necessary bring them to normal. 

As a long acting therapy the testodex enanthate is well suited for this purpose. Average dosages will be 50-200mg per week taken by a week injection. Traditionally testosterone enanthate is prescribed every 2-4 weeks, but it's proven that this intervals of injections is not enough to keep stable testosterone serum levels, so weekly injections are necessary. In some cases an injection every 5-6 days will bring even better results. The exact dosage should be monitored both by lab test to support and confirm appropriate serum levels, but certainly not less important is each individual subjective clinical response to the treatment. The normal testosterone levels are 8-28ng/ml, for instance some individuals will response best to ± 15 level while with a higher levels they will experience unwanted side effects, while other will respond better to higher levels. Trial and error is the key.


PED  (Performance Enhancing Drug) also referred to as Ergogenic aid - 


Testostodex-enathate-250 has been widely used among athletes for more then 50 years with some proven results. We have to mention that took long time  for the medical community to recognize and admit in this. But from the 90th of the 20th century multiple clinical studies have clearly shown the dramatic effect testodex-enathte-250 has on body composition.


Bodybuilding and strength athletes


We would set the minimal effective dosage for bodybuilders and strength athletes at ±500mg per week. This dosage brings the serum testosterone levels to superphamacological levels which were clinically proven to be required to achieve significant increase in lean body mess. In this regard an important and thorough clinical trial done on 72 trained males showed a dramatic improvement in body composition after 6 weeks administration of 600mg/we of testodex-ehathate-250 while lower dosages of 300mg/week and less failed to.

Some extensive empirical data in our lab showed an almost linear curve of improvement of results when the administrated dosage is increased from 300-750mg per week, so some individuals will require higher then 500mg/week dosages, especially after first usage. Higher dosages may be accepted and common as well, and some serious professional athletes will set the optimal levels at 2000mg/week. 

There are multiple factors to determine the proper dosage among them age, weight, experience with such products and individual response and side effects.


- Endurance athletes


Many (if not all) endurance athletes suffer to some degree from lowered testosterone levels. This endocrine phenomena is caused by the severe strain this activity poses. As we know the testosterone has a critical role in performance and recuperation and as discussed on erythropoietin production which is important to stamina. consequently testosterone levels should be brought at least to normal levels with exogenous administration of testodex-enanthate. However in endurance athletes the dosage should be determined carefully as high testosterone levels leads to fluid retention, increased blood pressure and a greater overload on the cardiovascular system. Again it's a matter of trial and error but the required dosage is about 150-300 mg/week at off season and slightly less at competition time when lowest body weight is required for optimal performance


- Testosterone enanthate cycles


A novice steroid user will find a testosterone enanthate-only cycle quite beneficial. Such a cycle typically lasts between 8-10 weeks on average, with a dosage of 400-600mg per week, ideally divided into two weekly injections.

More advanced users will benefit from combining testosterone enanthate with Deca Durabolin (nandrolone decanoate) for muscle and strength gains. Adding 400-600mg per week to 400-750 mg/week of testosterone enanthate will yield reliable results.

For leaner muscle gains, testosterone enanthate is usually combined with Boldenone undecylinate at 400-600mg per week. Considering the long-acting nature of this steroid preparation, such cycles should be planned for 12-16 weeks. Another effective option is a combination of testosterone enanthate with Primobolan (methenolone enanthate) at a dosage of 400-600mg per week. This combination was a favorite of Frank Zane, a former Mr. Olympia known for his impressive aesthetic physique.

Testosterone enanthate combines exceptionally well with Trenbolone enanthate and Trenbolone acetate, as well as with Parabolan, yielding impressive muscle and strength gains. However, the side effects are more pronounced compared to a combination of testosterone enanthate with Primobolan, for instance.

Professional users may take advantage of the fact that testosterone enanthate is well tolerated by the liver and other organs, aiming for dosages of 1000-2000mg per week, and in some cases, even more. This synergizes with the fact that testosterone enanthate, as the primary androgen in the body, has a synergistic effect with almost any other steroid. Some of the combinations have scientific evidence behind them. For example, Testodex-enanthate with Nandrodex300 (nandrolone decanoate) has shown a synergistic effect due to its impact on IGF1 levels and IGF1-BP, enhancing anabolic activity.

For bodybuilding competitions and proper "stage conditioning," testosterone enanthate is typically discontinued 6-8 weeks before the stage day. Additionally, athletes aiming to compete in lower weight classes often avoid testosterone enanthate before competition to minimize fluid retention and body weight

Now for the more curious customers, let's delve into this product and learn what testosterone enanthate is?

Testodex-enanthate-250 is comprised of a testosterone attached in enanthate ester. We'll specify hereinafter on the role and functions of each of these components in the formula


Testosterone -

Is our body's main androgenic hormone. It is produced naturally by the testicles and is released from there into the circulation where it travels and interact with its target tissues throughout the body triggering its effect through a specific receptor which is called the androgen receptor. The androgen receptor is located on the cell's membrane, it binds to the testosterone molecule, and together they enter the cell and there trigger different mechanisms which mainly synthesize new proteins.


Testosterone's effects


Testosterone posses both androgenic and anabolic distinct properties in our body


Testosterone's androgenic effects -


Testosterone is responsible for the growth and development of male sexual organs (maturation of the prostate, seminal vesicles, penis and scrotum) and secondary sexual characteristics (male hair distribution (face, pubis, chest) as well as laryngeal development. Testosterone has also various target tissues in the brain, thus Testosterone enanthate has a role in masculine characteristics in the male's behavior.  Testosterone enhances spatial perception and effects general mood and vitality. Testosterone makes us more competitive, socially dominant , assertive, and to some degree more aggressive. These androgenic traits contributes in many sport fields, and of course have their importance in daily functioning. However, we have to emphasize that multiple cross clinical studies have found NO association between high testosterone levels and violence.


Testosterone's anabolic effects


- Testosterone triggers a wide spectrum of mechanism by which it supports building processes on different tissues


- Muscle tissue


Hypertrophy of muscle tissue


- It effects directly muscle tissue by triggering the synthesis of new proteins inside muscle cells, this increases the mess of existing  muscle tissue (which is called hypertrophy), and is correlated and measured by increased nitrogen retention in the body


- It augments muscle mess by reducing catabolic processes in muscle cells (catabolic = break down). This is mainly achieved indirectly by hindering catabolic hormones effects on muscle tissue This mechanism contributes to hypertrophy of muscle tissue and reflects itself also in shifting up the nitrogen balance.


Proliferation (increases the number of muscle cells)


Testosterone was proven in various studies to increase muscle nuclei number as well as satellite cells number. The mechanism behind this seems to involve increased sensitivity to local growth factors, and up regulation of IGF1 (and other growth factors) receptors  in muscle cells and their satellite cells  (this is also referred to as testosterone autocrine effect on muscle tissue, this process requires presence of other hormones such as GH and IGF1)


- Mineral retention


Testosterone increases the retention of  sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and other minerals, this support different metabolic and anabolic processes of the body. Note that  the mineral retention goes hand in hand with fluids retention both intracellular and extracellular. This feature also (partially) responsible on the increased water  retention users experience during a testosterone usage. On the positive point of view intracellular water retention increases directly and indirectly muscle mess, while extracellular fluids retention increases blood flow to working muscles (which manifest itself in increased "pumps" during workout). Extracellular fluids may help in lubricating connective tissue. On the negative side it increases blood pressure and may cause edema which is also shown in more puffy look many users may experience especially if diet is not on check


- Bone formation


Testodex Enanthate increases bone formation and recuperation, and numerous studies have shown its contribution is fraction healing


Increased production of erythropoietin and erythrocytes


Testosterone augment erythropoietin and erythrocytes production which helps to enhance stamina and different recuperation processes.


-Testodex Anabolic:Androgenic ratio  

As the primary natural androgen hormone in the body other anabolic-androgenic steroids are compared to it in order to asses their anabolic and androgenic effects. Hence for simplicity the testosterone's anabolic effect is defined as 100 and its androgenic effect is 100 as well (steroids with lower androgenic effect will have androgenic rate of less then 100 and vise versa, and so concerning its anabolic effect)


What is the enathate role in the product ?


The testosdex-enathate-250 is absorbed from the injected location by local blood pillars and travels throughout the body in the blood circulation. The enanthate esters which is attached in the testosterone prevents it from being active while traveling in the serum. Certain enzyme is responsible on removing the enanthate ester and by this frees the testosterone into its active form. The rate in which this process happens determines the paste the drug in its free form is released into the circulation (AKA pharmacokinetics). The Testosdex enanthate was developed as a slow acting agent, it's half life is 4-5 days, it peaks after ±48 hours. and it stays active for about 10 days.



- Side effects


Like with any hormone based drug the testodex-enanthate may potentially cause some undesired side effects. 

first an acute overdose risks also rare to non exist. There has been no known fatal cases as a result of testodex enanthate administration. These facts are interesting to say the least considering the demonization of anabolic steroids including testosterone which was created by some authorities and spread through the media (or some may claim that was created by the media itself)   


So what side effects we should be aware to ? as you've seen we've created this science based review to the curious and enthusiast reader, so we would like to explain a bit about the mechanism behind the different side effects so you'll understand and realize how to asses, monitor and prevent to some degree these side effects.


First like with any hormone based drug which impact different metabolic process, especially in the liver it may cause nausea, cholestatic jaundice and elevated hepatic transaminases, but these are not very common, and if happens not severe. these side effects normalize if treatment is discontinued. 

Testosdex Enanthate may also cause thrombophlebitis especially if there is a genetic tendency to it, but again not common and not severe, and usually involves other causes.


We'll classify the rest of the side effects to 3 main roots


1. Direct androgenic-anabolic side effects of testosterone


As we've seen testosdex enanthate has various target tissue in the body, and it mimics the effect of the natural testosterone which the testicals produce. 


- As a major male-sex hormone it stimulates sex organs so it's not surprising that testodex enanthate usage may cause  Priapism  and general sexual hyperstimulation (frequent erection). 


- Testodex enantahte as mentioned augment mineral retention, as a result excess soduim and water retention may occur which leads to edema. This may lead to an increased blood pressure. No severe direct cases should happen with wise usage, but wisely to monitor blood pressure. Testosdex enanthate may also causes hypercalcemia, reducing dosage or discontinuation of the drug will reduce or stop these effect


- Testodex enanthate mimics the body's own natural testosterone. The male's body posses an endocrine mechanism which is responsible on the testosterone secretion and maintaining the desired serum levels it's called the testicular axis.  without getting into the complexity of the testicular we'll note that our brain has a wise mechanism by which it constantly senses, monitor and adjust its own testosterone serum levels by altering the command it gives to the testicles to secrete testosterone. When we administrate exogenous testosterone the body senses this, it "feels" he has too high levels of testosterone enanthate in the blood, so what it does is shutting down its own testosterone production in order to balance the abnormal situation. This mechanism involves primary 2 hormones - 


Inhibin - which its secretion is directly triggered  when the concentration of testosterone in the system is too high, it shuts down the brain's signal to the testis to secrete testosterone .

Estrogen - This is the female hormone, which we'll discuss a bit more about down. Estrogen shuts down as well directly the command from the brain to the testis to secrete testosterone


So no matter what we'll do, and even if we take out completely estrogen from our system, always exogenous testosterone will inhibit the endogenous testosterone production through inhibin.


It's important to note that the administration of exogenous testosterone carries  a long run impact on testosterone production, meaning that even after the stoppage of testosterone administration it'll take weeks or even months for the body to restore normal and healthy hormone secretion (in some cases, especially with a prolonged usage of testodex enanthate the testosterone levels will never come back to normal, though some increase from minimal levels always occur)


Direct side effects of testicular axis depression are degradation of spermatogenesis, down regulation of sperm maturation, oligospermia and reduction of ejaculate volume.


How to maintain healthy testosterone levels ? 


First it's a common practice to cycle the usage of testodex enathate. Injectable Testosterone Enanthate is usually used along 8-16 weeks with a consecutive break of about the same period. This gives the testicular axis the time to recuperate and restore natural hormone production.


How to increase testosterone levels ? 


There are proven protocols which help the recuperation process of the testicular axis, these are called PCT (Post Cycle therapy). We'll discuss it later below.


There are many users who uses successfully testodex enanthate year round, but of course should be aware to the long term consequences on their testicular axis. 

The inhibitory effect of testodex enanthate shouldn't worry of course HRT users as their natural testosterone levels are low from first place


2. Estrogen and its side effects


As mentioned earlier estrogen is human's primary female hormone. The body naturally converts about 10% of the testosterone which travels in the serum to estrogen through an enzyme which is called Aromatase. Estrogen has some roles in the male's body as well, and while the male body doesn't produce estrogen it's smart enough to take care of this but this conversion of testosterone. 

excess estrogen in the male's body has some unwanted side effects like gynocomastia (breast enlargment), increased fluides retention, female characaristic fat distribution, decreased libido, as well as mood swings and depression. A notorious effect of higher estrogen levels is decreased libido which many users may experience while increasing dosages without monitoring the estrogen levels.

In order to prevent these side effects it's advised to keep the estrogen levels in check, and reduce it if necessary by an anti estrogen drug. The most effective agent for this is Aromasin which prevents from first place the synthesis of Aromatase (the hormone which is responsible on the conversion of testosterone to estrogen). A dosage of 5-10 mg per day is advised for low dosages of 250-400mg/week and should be increased accordingly according to dosage.

Estrogen has also as we've learned a direct inhibitory effect on the natural testosterone production. So when we want to trigger higher natural testosterone production it's common to lower estrogen levels. the most effective agent for this is Clomidex, what it does smartly is taking the estrogen place in tissues such as the breast and the brain so the estrogen which travels in the serum can't reach them, while on other tissues like the bone (in which estrogen has an important role) it serves as estrogen for any purpose. So clomid is an important part of any post cycle therapy. Common PCT starts with a dosage of 100mg of clomidex per day and reduce after 10 days to 50 mg a day for another 10-20 days.

Another crucial factor we should discuss is the functioning of the testicles and their role in the recuperation of natural testosterone production. The tissue in the testicles which is responsible on testosterone production is called leyding cells. Like other tissues in the body when it's not properly stimulated along time, just like happening along testodex enanthate usage when the brain's signal to produce testosterone is much much lower the leyding cells may atrophies along time. This atrophy harm of course their performance and this sensitive tissue needs some stimulation in order to regain it's full performance, lets call it for simplicity some "physiotherapy" to the testos ;). The best drug to achieve this task is HCG (Pregnyl). HCG should be taken during cycle at a dosage of about 500iu every week or 2, and to be continued toward the early part of the PCT along with clomidex. In severe atrophy cases more intensive HCG usage should be applied.


3. Dehydrotestosterone and it side effects

About 10% of the testosterone which travels in the serum is converted in certain tissues to a more active form of androgen called dehydrotestosterone. Dehydrotestosterone has about 3 times higher affinity to the androgen receptor so it has a higher impact on different tissues like the prostate, skin, scalp and the brain as well. This may cause Prostate abnormalities, seborrhoea, acne, oily skin, hirsutism and accelerated hair loss. 

However Dehydrotestosterone is not active in muscle tissue as there are certain enzymes in muscle tissue which deactivates the dehydrotestosterone.  Therefor dehydrotestosterone has a great androgenic impact and is responsible to much of the androgenic side effects of testosterone, but has a minimal anabolic effect. If one suffers from pronounced androgenic effects using a drug like Propecia which blocks the conversion of testosterone to dehydrotestosterone may be necessary, but this should be noted that lowering dehydrotestosterone in a drastic way fashion will hinder some wanted androgenic side effects such as the ones which effect the brain and enable increased aggression and stamina. As usual this is a measure of trial and error in which all these parameters should be considered.



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This enathate 250 is a very good product I would dare say better than what i get from my pharmacy here at home. I love it.

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Buy Testodex Enanthate - Testosterone Enanthate 250 mg/ml for US domestic delivery

Buy Testodex Enanthate - Testosterone Enanthate 250 mg/ml for US domestic delivery

Product Name: Testodex Enanthate
Substance: Testosterone Enanthate
Content: 10ml vial /250mg /1ml
Manufacturer: Sciroxx/Eternuss laboratories

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