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Introduction -

The methyl trenbolone is the most potent steroid ever developed, The Mt1Crin contains a ultra concentrated dosage of methyl trenbolonein in an optimal absorbable injectable version.

Chemical and clinical review -

Methyl trenbolone is a methyltaed derivative of the already very potent steroid Trenbolone. The addition of the methyl group enables the trenbolone to be orally active (by resisting first deactivation by the liver). How ever the MT1-Crin, which may be used orally, is an ultra potent and a versatile injection version that takes advantage of the unique configuration of its molecule which makes it the most anabolic steroid known to man kind (which goes hand in hand with the strongest androgenic impact know by any steroid)

Dosage, benefits, half life and - A comprehensive reviews

Here is an interesting and comprehensive review of this unique product by Sciroxx/pharmaca done by the steroids Guru - Mike Arnold - and posted -

High-Dose Methyltrienelone Cycle and Feedback

Everyone is aware that M-Tren is the most potent AAS on the market today, but its toxicity has largely prevented it from entering the steroid limelight. Initially, we were told that this steroid was so toxic that it couldn't be used at all...and then, when it did hit the market, it was dosed at miniscule quantities of just 250-500 mcg (micrograms, not milligrams) per day. Furthermore, it was normally only used pre-training.

While some claimed to have very good results with this protocol, most reviews were less than impressive.

Over the next few years we began to see higher doses used (on occasion), which were accompanied by much better results.

Based on my experiences over the years, I believe that while M-tren is certainly mote toxic than other methyls, it is NOT so toxic that its use must be limited to 500 mcg-1 mg/day.

Therefore I am going to document my rat's experience with the following...

M-Tren: 4 mg/day (2 mg in am/ 2 mg in pm)

Duration: 3-4 weeks

In addition to employing a more substantial dose than what we've become accustomed to seeing, I believe the 2X daily dosing schedule is important part of this experiment when it comes to determining what this steroid is actually capable of doing. Using a steroid only pre-workout, while helpful, does not in any way provide us with a reliable picture of its true muscle building potential, as such programs only maintain active blood levels of the chosen drug for a small portion of the week--less than 25%, on average. Would one inject test suspension on a schedule that only allowed it to remain active for 1/4 of the week...and then make a judgment call regarding its muscle building potency on such a severely restricted schedule? No one would do that, so I won't do that here.

Again, there is nothing wrong with pre-training only use, as such programs can end up being ideal for many people depending on their circumstances and goals, but there is no doubt that they are from from ideal when it comes to coaxing maximum gains out of any AAS.

My rat will be using liver support during this cycle, although my suspicion is that a 4 mg daily dose of m-Tren is no more toxic than 20-30 mg of SD per day. Being that such doses of SD are handled relatively easily by the liver, I don't expect my rat to encounter any issues...although if I find otherwise, I will present my findings to the board.

Up until this point, I can't recall ANYONE providing this kind of thorough feedback for M-tren, in which blood levels were maintained throughout the week with high doses and for an extended period of time.

I predict that my rat's liver enzymes will be only moderately elevated at best (maybe slightly above moderate, but not severe) and that it's gains will range anywhere from good to outstanding. Keep in mind that we all have different goals. Some are more interested in size acquisition, while others will be looking more for sheer strength. Some other will just want to improve their overall appearance.

Therefore, I will provide my opinion on how I believe this steroid performs in all of the commonly noted categories. At the end, I will give my final opinion of this drug...and determine what I think it is best suited for. In addition, and perhaps more importantly, I will compare its effects to other known drugs/combinations of drugs...and ultimately determine if it earns a potential place in the physique-strength world, or if other drugs can provide similar effects with less risk. Will M-Tren used in this way offer unique benefits not found anywhere else, or will it present unacceptable safety risks in exchange for benefits that can be found elsewhere with less risk?

We'll see.

I am starting tonight....


I just started Day #4, so there isn't a lot to report yet, but here's what I can tell you so far...

Day #1: 1.5 mg/day

Day #2: 1.5 mg/day

Day 3#: 2.5 mg/day.

Today will be the first day at 4 mg/day. I wanted to start out with a lower dosage and see how things went before going up to 4 mg/day. There are two things that stand out in these first few days--one of them physical and the other mental/emotional.

One thing I have noticed is that my rat feels amazing. He has never felt so good--from any AAS--in his life. The effects were near immediate (within 48 hours) and pronounced. Unlike some drugs, which tend to put a fairly large percentage of users on edge and/or cause anxiety (ex. trenbolone), my rat has experienced none of that so far. He just feels good--like really good, with no negative mental or emotional effects at all. It does not seem to affect one's mental-emotional state like trenbolone least for me.

Remember, just because this drug is trenbolone with a methyl attachment, it does not mean it is just "oral trenbolone". Way too many people think M-Tren is just trenbolone in oral form. I have even seen some people try to make potency comparisons to regular trenbolone, stating that x amount of M-tren is equal to x amount of trenbolone. All of this is untrue. It doesn't matter what dose of trenbolone one does or doesn't take. It will NOT "equal" any dose of trenbolone...because it is not trenbolone. So, the first thing many people need to do is remove this idea from their heads that they can just use trenbolone and receive the same effects...because they can't.

When a drug is methylated its chemical structure is altered, which makes it a completely different drug with its own unique effect profile. Oftentimes, a methylated compound does not even remotely resemble the parent drug (pre-methylation) in terms of its effects on the mind and body.

Just as much as Dianabol bears no similarity to EQ (even though Dianabol is nothing more than methylated boldenone) and Superdrol bears no similarity to Masteron (even though SD is just methylated Masteron), neither does M-tren provide the same effects as trenbolone. Making statements to the contrary demonstrates gross ignorance regarding the role of methylation and the degree to which small molecular alterations can alter a drug's effect profile.

Moving on...

One other thing I noticed is that my urine hasn't yet undergone any significant discoloration. It is common for users of methylated AAS to experiencing darkening of the urine, especially with the more toxic orals, but it can even happen with higher doses of the less toxic orals.

The point here is that with all the toxicity claims surrounding M-Tren, one might expect it to cause significant urine discoloration. Personally, drugs like SD (30 mg/day) will cause my urine to appear almost brown in color if my water intake isn't kept high enough, but even when it does remain high my urine is still dark orange in color, likely indicating above average liver strain.

Yesterday I researched a dose of 2.5 mg/day and my urine was slightly discolored at best. No brown like SD or even dark orange, which I have experienced numerous times with other orals in the past.

This is not to say that M-Tren doesn't possess above average toxicity, as I believe it certainly does. However, at this point it doesn't appear that just 2-3 mg/day is going to do any meaningful harm, especially when used in the short-term. Although urine discoloration isn't necessarily an accurate indicator of liver stress, it does often serve as a semi-reliable indicator of such, particularly when comparing drugs within the same individual.

Again, I am not saying that 2-3 mg/day is harmless and one should throw caution to the wind. All I am saying is that based on my previous experiences regarding the correlation between urine discoloration and elevated liver values, 2-3 mg of M-Tren per day does not seem to be as demanding on the liver as 30 mg/day if Superdrol.

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out that it takes roughly 5-8 mg of M-Tren/day to equal 30 mg of SD/day, in terms of hepatic strain. Again, I could be completely wrong, so I don' advise anyone to try that. It is just speculation based on previous research experiences. Still, I am only 4 days in and just now reached 4 mg/day, so things could change. It is a good sign, though.

Lastly, while my rat normally doesn't experience appetite suppression with orals after only 4 days (although he has with SD @ 30 mg/day and M1T @ 20 mg/day), he has not experienced any degree of appetite suppression with M-Tren. If anything, my rat is even more hungry than usual and his energy levels and mood are way up. Thus far, it's overall effects seem to be very conducive to muscle gaining, at least in terms of mood, energy levels and appetite. Let's see how things go with this recent bump up to 4 mg/day.


OK, guys. I am finally ready to give my review. My apologies for the delay. I got sick multiple times, had urgent and unexpected business matters that I needed to prioritize, I had to go out of town twice, and then the holidays came around.

With that said, I have broken my review up into multiple categories. If there is anything I left out that you want to know, just post it and I will respond to you.

Cycle Length: 21 Days


Days 1-5: 2 mg/day.
Days 6-13: 3 mg/day.
Days 14-21: 5 mg/day

Injection Frequency: Twice daily, with 50% of the listed dose in the a.m. and 50% in the p.m.

Cosmetic Effects: M-Tren was a dry compound...similar to Superdrol in effect, although perhaps not as much of a skin thinning effect. I definitely did not hold any sub-q water on it, however. It provided pronounced muscle fullness that came on immediately (I noticed within 48 hours or less) and was on par with other methylated AAS known for providing this effect. I would say it was comparable to Anadrol in this regard, but maybe slightly less potent than SD. Still, I was very impressed with how big and full it made me look in such a short period of time...and these effects only improved as the dosage went up.

Given the fact that this steroid is so androgenic, I am sure that all the common androgenic side effects, such as hair loss, oily skin, etc., will apply to the typical user (assuming they are prone to these androgenic side effects). However, being that I have already lost most of my hair and always have a health supply of androgens running through my bloodstream, I did not notice a worsening of any of these side effects. Things simply remained as they were. I mentioned above, I do believe that if someone wasn't accustomed to chronic androgen use, they would most certainly experience at least some androgenic side effects, with one's genetic propensity determining both their occurrence and severity.

I did not notice any gyno, but then again, I was a using raloxifene; my SERM of choice for on-cycle gyno prevention, especially when using 19-nor based drugs.

Potency (mass gains): I rate this stuff at near the top. I put on about 10 lbs...and could've gained more if I had pushed the calories higher (note: I only increased my calories about 300 above maintenance, which isn't much for me)

Potency (strength gains): Again, I ate M-tren near the top. Strength gains were excellent and for me, they were comparable to SD or Anadrol.

Impact on Emotional Wellbeing: Because of M-Tren's close association to trenbolone, many people likely assume that M-Tren is going to provide similar effects on the mind and mood. Contrary to this generally accepted belief, it was not that way for me at all...and in my experience, this is here the product really shines. In short, I felt awesome on M-Tren. I didn’t feel irritable or short-fused. Rather, I felt energized and invigorated. In short, I just felt good when using it. This was one of the stand-outs of this particular steroid.

Impact on Hepatic Function: My AST and ALT ended up at 71 and 74, respectively, which isn't too bad considering how toxic it was claimed to be.
Now, don't get me wrong, I most certainly do think this steroid could cause definite harm if used at a dosage comparable to other methyls, but fortunately, we do not need to use anywhere near those doses to see great results. If I had to estimate its toxicity based on my liver readings, I would say 5 mg of M-Tren is comparable to 30 mg SD. Note: I was using TUDCA at 250 mg/day and NAC at 300 mg/day.

Impact on Blood Pressure: If anything, my BP increased a few points at the most, so it basically had no effect in this area--for me. I say "for me" because AAS in general don't seem to have much of an impact on my BP. Therefore, I wouldn't assume you are going to respond the same way I did. I am fortunate when it comes to AAS and their effect son my BP. Most people are not.

Impact on Appetite & Digestion: This had no impact on my appetite at all. This surprised me, as I was fully expecting to have my appetite shutdown by the end of week two. This isn't just a "benefit" for me, it is absolutely essential, as any methyl which prevents me from eating has no place in my program. So, the fact that I still wanted to eat by the end of the cycle and could easily get in all my calories was a big load lifted off my shoulders and made the entire experience more fun.

For years we were told that M-Tren is so liver toxic, that even doses of 500 mcg/day could potentially cause liver injury...and most of the people who talked about this (none of whom had any actual experience with the drug) recommended a maximum dose of 1-2 mg/day. Most recommendations fell in the 250 mcg to 1 mg range. This dosing scheme is sub-optimal and in my experience, completely unnecessary from a hepatic functioning standpoint.

Personally, I consider 500 mcg to be a ridiculous dose and not worth running. Just as we wouldn't run 5 mg of Anadrol daily, neither should we be running M-Tren at 500 mcg daily. As strong as this stuff is, 500 mcg/day just isn't enough, at least if you're using it as a mass-builder. I believe the optimal dosing range for this drug, without exposing oneself to unnecessary risk, is between 3-5 mg/day. Maybe 2 mg/day on the low end.

I will definitely be using this AAS again. It's not something I would run frequently, but it does have its place among the mass-building methyls. Aside from everything I mentioned above, I will also admit that I was excited to try it because of its reputation (previous versions I've tried were bunk). It just seemed like such a bad-ass steroid...and it is. When you start using it and realize you are seeing changes in your body after using just a handful of mg's, you start to appreciate how powerful it really is.


didn't notice any negatuve effects (i.e. dysfunction, etc.), but I was only on it for 3 weeks, which isn't usually long enough to result in progestagenic sides. That usually begins to occur around week 4-6, if it is going to happen at all. It is a 19-nor, however, so I wouldn't rule it out as a possibility. As we see with other 19-nors, personal reponse will likely play a large role in determining whether or not these kind of side effects occur.

Even when they do occur, personal response varies so widely that providing black and white answers becomes impossible. Threshold dose, how one responds to ancillary therapy (prami, caber, etc.) and whether or not other steroids may be able to help mitigate these effects (testosterone or DHT, for example), will all play a role in determining if, when and to what degree these side effects may manifest.

Personally, I noticed only positive things in this area, but then again, like I said above, I was only on it for 3 weeks. It is typical for some 19-nors, such as tren and trest, to start out with pro-sexual effects (i.e. increased sex drive, improved function, etc.)...and then suddeenly, right around week 4-6, they get hit with a barrage of sexual side effects. Their libido takes a nose dive, performance becomes impaired, and pleasurable feelings fade. f

So, as with any steroid, my advice remains the same. You must try a steroid for yourself to know how it is going to effect you under various circumstances. far as the potential for sexual side effects is concerned, the potential is certainly there, at least in a percentage of users, as basically all 19-nors seem to carry with them the potential to induce sexual side effects (at least in those who are prone)

One thing to keep in mind though is that M-Tren is a methyl, so it has a very short half-life, expiring in mere hours, unlike esterfied AAS which can keep blood levels elevated for weeks. This makes sexual side effects much less likely than if it were an esterfied drug, as there is no build-up of unwanted metabolites or compounding of blood levels. This side effect becomes even less likely when it is dosed once per day, but this also reduces its muscle building potency, as the drug only remains active in the body for part of the day. When attempting to maximize muscle growth, one should always endeavor to keep blood levels elevated throughout as much iof the day as possible. With injectable M-tren twice daily is great, as administering it via oil-based injection make for a slower release rate in comparison to oral administration.


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MT-1-Crin - Methyl Trenbolone for injection

MT-1-Crin - Methyl Trenbolone for injection

10ml multi dosage vial

Contains 3mg/ml Methyl-Trenbolone MT1

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