Reduced price! SuperCrin 40 - Superdrol (Methyldrostanolone)

SuperCrin 40 - Superdrol (US domestic delivery)

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10 ml multi-dosage vial

Contains 40mg/ml Superdrol (Methyldrostanolone)

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The SuperCrin is Pharmaca/Eternus uniquely injection developed version of the Supedrol

The Superdrol is known as a highly anabolic lower androgenic Steroid, which offers a favorable effect on lean muscle gains, this trait is highly desirable for athletes who needs to stay within a certain weight class while increasing performance. The Superdrol does not convert to estrogen (female hormone) nor have any progesteronic effect thus offers a great value as an additive to aromatasable steroids such as testosterone or Dibabol, as well as to steroids such as Deca and tren, as it may be combined efficiently with them while lowering the water retention caused by them, and further increase the overall anabolic impact. The superdrol is also very valuable for periods of restricted calories consumption (such as contest preparations), as it increases sharply nitrogen retention negates catabolism, as well as  increasing metabolism and  facilitates fat burning both within muscle and fat tissues.

Superdrol is usually marketed in an oral form. Pharmaca state of art injection formula offers main 2 advantages

- Superior absorption rate (the injection route provides optimal assimilation through the serum) and much more stable serum levels for maximum performance

- Lower toxicity - the injection route enables to bypass the 1st liver metabolism hence lowering the stress over the liver and other organs


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SuperCrin 40 - Superdrol  (US domestic delivery)

SuperCrin 40 - Superdrol (US domestic delivery)

10 ml multi-dosage vial

Contains 40mg/ml Superdrol (Methyldrostanolone)

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