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Product Name: Somedin LR3 /> Substance: IGF-1-DES /> Delivery: 1 kit/ 5 vials/ 200 mcg/vial
Manufacturer: Western-Biotech

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Active IngredientsIGF-1-DES
Route of AdministrationSubcutaneous Injection

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Buy IGF 1 DES Online. Muscle Repair Peptide. Dosage for Bodybuilding

Somedin: Western-Biotech's IGF1

Somedin is Western-Biotech's brand name for Somatomedin - IGF1 DES. It appears in 1000mcg kits, which contain 5 multi-dosage vials of 200mcg each.

What is IGF1?

IGF1 stands for Insulin-Like Growth Factor type 1. It got its name because it's a peptide very similar in structure to insulin, and it also resembles some of insulin’s activity and effect. However, IGF1's main function in the body is to mediate GH's growth and building processes. GH triggers IGF1 secretion from various target tissues such as the liver, kidneys, and muscle tissue, and IGF1 directly enhances growth by multiple mechanisms, as shown below.

IGF1 Effects

  • Increases DNA Synthesis: IGF1 directly increases cellular DNA synthesis and regulates the growth of almost any cell and tissue in the body.
  • Stimulates Cell Proliferation: IGF1 not only regulates the growth of cells but increases the number of cells in every tissue, effectively multiplying the genetic potential of any tissue.
  • Inhibits Programmed Cell Death: IGF1 is a highly potent inhibitor of programmed cell death, extending the genetic potential of any existing tissue.
  • Blocks Catabolic Effects: IGF1 blocks the catabolic effects of various hormones. In medical experiments, it was the only hormone to diminish the catabolic effect of dexamethasone, a potent catabolic hormone. Both GH and testosterone failed to do so.
  • Optimizes Nutrient Utilization: IGF1 optimizes carbohydrate utilization as well as practically any other nutritional substance, making metabolism processes more efficient. This results in lower fat accumulation and enhanced utilization of proteins for building processes.

There is no wonder that IGF1 is used successfully by athletes in almost any field.

GH and IGF1

Considering that IGF1 mediates GH's growth effect, one might speculate that there is no use for GH if one can take IGF1. This has been proven not to be the case:

  • Some of GH's effects are systemic and not mediated by IGF1. GH continues to enhance building processes even when IGF1 synthesis is blocked.
  • GH triggers local secretion of various growth factors in muscle (and other tissues). This phenomenon is called the autocrine effect, which is responsible for intra-tissue rejuvenation and building processes.
  • GH and IGF1 balance and optimize each other's metabolic effects. IGF1, like insulin, lowers glucose levels, while GH raises them. GH's tendency to raise glucose levels can impair insulin sensitivity, which IGF1 counteracts. Thus, they have a distinct metabolic synergistic effect.
  • Various clinical trials on patients suffering from severe illness-induced catabolic states have shown that combining GH with IGF1 has a much better effect than either alone. They have synergistic anabolic and anti-catabolic effects.

In this case, 1+1=5, meaning combining them yields a unique and superior effect.

What is IGF1 DES?

IGF1-DES is a shorter, very active version of the IGF1 peptide. It has a much higher affinity for different target growth factor receptors.

IGF1 DES Effects and Benefits

IGF1-DES is shown to bind to receptors deformed by lactic acid, which is often present during workouts. This allows it to attach to mutated receptors and signal tissue growth during training. Overall, IGF1 DES enhances the impact of local growth factors on muscle tissue, especially damaged ones, and enhances satellite cell activation, promoting tissue growth and repair, and creating new muscle nuclei, thus enhancing overall growth potential.

Half-Life and Administration

Based on IGF1 DES's unique clinical characteristics, it is very effective to use it pre-workout. Some supportive empirical data also indicate that IGF1-DES is very effective for site injections, meaning it will stimulate local muscle tissue hyperplasia in the injected muscle. IGF1-DES has a very short half-life of about 20-30 minutes, combined with its very high activity, which is responsible for this desired and unique phenomenon.

Dosage and Protocols for Bodybuilding

IGF1-DES should be injected as soon as possible before working out into the working muscle area. It should be applied with a G27 or G29 needle.

  • Effective Dosage: Ranges between 50-200mcg daily on workout days.
  • Cycle: It may be run for 4-8 weeks with an even break from the drug.

Combinations with other peptides

IGF1 DES combines exceptionally well with BPC-157 as well as TB-500 for injured and overworked muscles.

IGF 1 DES vs. IGF1 LR3

IGF1 LR3 and IGF1 DES show synergistic effects to facilitate overall muscle growth and repair. They may be combined together. Special caution should be taken concerning hypoglycemia (lowered blood glucose levels), as both of these drugs have insulin-like effects. It is advised to consume 20-50 grams of carbs during workouts, along with 5-10 grams of glutamine and plenty of essential amino acids (EAAs) to ensure stable sugar levels along with an optimal anabolic nourishing environment.

Buy IGF1 DES (IGF 1 DES for Sale)

Western-Biotech has proven its ability to provide real pharma-quality GH and IGF1-LR3, as numerous reports and lab tests have shown. Our new IGF1-DES, like other products by Western-Biotech, undergoes extensive quality control procedures that adhere to the strictest USP standards, including full biological assay tests on living muscle tissue to validate its clinical effect, unlike any other IGF1 product on the market!


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Somedin-DES - Buy pharma IGF 1 DES

Somedin-DES - Buy pharma IGF 1 DES

Product Name: Somedin LR3 /> Substance: IGF-1-DES /> Delivery: 1 kit/ 5 vials/ 200 mcg/vial
Manufacturer: Western-Biotech

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