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Product Name: Somedin LR3 /> Substance: Insulin Like Growth Factor IGF-1 /> Delivery: 1 kit/ 5 vials/ 200 mcg/vial
Manufacturer: Western-Biotech

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Active Ingredients IGF-1
Route of Administration Subcutaneous Injection

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Somedin is currently the only IGF1 lr3 in the free market which is made according to the strictest pharmaceutical standards - - Its purity exceeds the USP standard for recocmbinant products - 98% - Tested for presence foreign proteins, allergens and toxins for tenth then the USP standard
- Tested through the most comprehensive biological activity tests on living cells to ensure optimal clinical effect in real world.
Western biotech launched the Somastim - pharma grade GH - on 2014. Since then thousands of customers have enjoyed from proven western pharma quality GH for dramatically lower costs then the pharmacy costs. Numerous lab tests from customers, as well as constant feedback have proven this.
We continue the same mission with the Somedin - IGF1-lr3 - which is a proven most effective anabolic agent
In the attachment picture you may see a thorough comparison to between the Somedin Vs SIGMA (the worldwide exclusive distributor of Repligen) Repligen (Swiss) was the company that owned the patent on this molecule. The production of a recombinant peptide such as the Somedin involves several steps which requires state by art technology and monitoring of the whole process. The slightest damage to the 3 dimensional structure of the molecule due to not careful harvesting and extraction of the molecule, as well as the creation of aggregation (folding of the molecules info each other and creation of aggregates) due to inferior purification techniques, will all harm, decrease and even diminish the clinical effect of this gentle product. As you may learn all of these parameters were kept rigidly as proven from the tests which confirms that this product meets and even exceed the original patented IGF1 lr3.
Each vial contains 200mcg, which considering of a shelf life of 7 days after reconstitution is the ideal dosage per vial for multiple effective usage
Don't be tempted to research grade questionable quality IGf1 lr3 !
Don't be tempted to 1000mcg vials which will be ruined after few days of usage and not approriate for multiple usage!
Like shown from science as well as empirical data and anecdotes from professional athletes and top trainers real pharma grade IGF1 lr 3 is the only legit effective product in the proper 100-200mcg volume per vial