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Product Name: Somastim
Substance: Somatropin
Delivery: 1 kit/ 5 vials/ 20 iu/vial
Manufacturer: Western-Biotech

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Active Ingredients Somatropin
Route of Administration Subcutaneous Injection

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Somastim is Western-Biotech brand name for somatropin, a human growth hormone produced by recombinant DNA technology. Somastim has 191 amino acids and a molecular weight of about 22,124 daltons. Its amino acid sequence is identical to that of human growth hormone of pituitary origin. Somastim is synthesized in a strain of Escherichia coli modified by insertion of the human growth hormone gene. somastimis provided as a sterile, white, lyophilized powder, available 6.7mg (20IU) presentations. It's packed in boxes of 5 vials. Each box contains 100IU. Pirce if 230usd per box incl' express courier delivery at the cost of regular S&H when you check out